torstai 11. toukokuuta 2017

Benecos Nail Polishes

Here are some watches of Benecos Nail Polishes:

Benecos nailpolish

Benecos nailpolish

Benecos nailpolish

Top-bottom: Minty Day, Peach Sorbet, Mighty Orange

The pictures are a little nasty, I know, but they are taken after a few days to a week of use. So it's fair to say it is a pretty long-lasting species of polish!
The consistency is quite runny when you first open the bottle but it gets thicker the more you use. Not the fastest to dry. Easy to apply. One layer gives you an opaque finish, two layers means you get the exact same color as seen on the bottle.
Benecos has a large variety of shades and only for such a little price! So despite of the thickening and not being the fastest to dry, I would definitely repurchase. And these are safe to use as they are free from the most common poisons used in nail polishes :)
P.s. these are vegan!
 4,15€/ 9ml, Ecco-Verde

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