perjantai 26. toukokuuta 2017

Delídea Fig & Gooseberries Moisturizing Face Serum

Face serum

Natural cosmetics from Italy! Spreads easily, is not greasy at all. Glowy and moisturized finish. Amazing scent. Clearly evens out the skin and doesn't make it break out. I think this would fit any skin type, altough a dryer complex could use a little more moisture.
But for me this fits amazing. I have a mixed and oily skin type that is also super sensitive and dries out easily if I use too harsh products. Drying out eventually means breaking out when the skin is trying to get back to it's natural moisture balance. Also too greasy products make my skin break out horribly by not letting it breathe. BUT this gives just the perfect amount of moisture so I don't have to worry about facing those problems.
As I mentioned before, the glow this gives is simply amazing. When I use this overnight under a night cream, I am amazed in the morning not only by the clear difference this serum makes but also how easy it is to apply make up after using this. Smooth, dewy, youthful. That's how I would describe the outcome.
11,4 e/ 30ml, Ecco-Verde

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