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Essence the Gel Nail Polish Swatches & Review

Essence the Gel Nail PolishEssence the Gel Nail Polish

Essence the Gel Nail Polish

Essence the Gel Nail Polish

21 - a whisper of spring, 47 va-va voom, 07 party princess

Dries out the nail and makes it chip but also dries on the nail very quick. Ok performance for a nail polish so cheap though, stays on well and  is easy to paint on the nail with it's pleasant brush. Tens of shades to choose from. Pigmented. Comes off pretty easily and doesn't dye the cuticles. Overall a decent quality polish! And what's best, the Think Dirty-app doesn't rank the Essence polishes too high on the poison scale, atleast for my liking: 5-6.
(1-3 is safe, 4-6 comes with some risks, 7-10 are dangerous)
2€/ 8ml, Primora

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